The Show

A Big Circus Show hosted by a great performer "Santos", who after intensive training in the circus school of Cuba and Wuqiao (China) together with two years of sharing the streets of Caracas with some of it's biggest artists, bring you an amazing act filled with breathtaking acrobatics in chairs, risk performances with chinese pots, and big skills necessary to tame a furious beast.

With the special combination of improvisation and the game, which turns the show into one unforgettable experience, "Santos Circus Show" is a perfect treat for your entire family.


Handstands in high chairs

Balancing with chinese pots


Interactive Comedy

Technical requeriments

Space: 8mts x 8mts.
Height: 6 mts.
Duration: 50 mins.
Play area: hard and flat.
Public: all ages.
Set up: 10 mins.
Available: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Italian.




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